Training Programs

Customizable Training Programs Radclyffe training programs are not like others. Why? Because we know what it takes to get staff behaviors to change. We have a unique Facilitation Strategy™ that works with both elearning and facilitator-led programs. We know how to make the skills tangible enough to be internalized and measured and combined with our companion coaching process you will be effective in reinforcing those newly learned skills….AND we can measure before and after, just to demonstrate the ROI. We are known for our outstanding customized, yet proven training and some of these include: Customer Interaction Skills™ Training Advanced Interaction Skills™ Training Coaching for Service Quality™ Skills Training Advanced Coaching Skills™ Training Interviewing and Hiring for Top Performers Conflict Management Training for Contact Center Leaders Performance Management Counseling Training for Contact Center Management Champion Leadership Skills™ Training Advanced Facilitation Skills™ Training and Certification Group Discovery Skills Facilitation Skills™ Training and Certification We offer training on two platforms: elearning blend(distance learning) - which is a facilitator-led training experience that can be delivered right to your staff virtually. So, they benefit from a facilitator-led session without the cost and hassle of them attending a training off site or all day. Facilitator-led (on site) - which is the traditional alternative if you need to have your staff come together in a true, team and skills-building experience that will foster true skills, behavioral and cultural change. Training Programs Designed for Client-specific Needs We will design training specifically for your organization and either your staff or our Radclyffe Master Instructors can deliver it. We will certify your instructors so your new training program can become part of your learning curriculum. Whether it is product, technology or skills training you need, Radclyffe incorporates its proven Facilitation Strategy™ and Instructional Design Methodology to ensure a successful outcome. If you are looking for self-paced elearning, facilitated virtual training, traditional instructor-led training or a combination, Radclyffe can meet your needs. Call us today 845-545-6621 Contact us today to find our what we can do for your company.

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