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Radclyffe Partners works with clients to help solve some of the most common issues found in call center organizations, but are oftentimes difficult to resolve. Based on our extensive experience, we successfully overcome these issues by effectively integrating both the operational AND cultural aspects of leading and managing the day-to-day activities in the call center.

What type of issues do we work to overcome? See if these are familiar to you in your organization:

Employee Engagement Issues

We always say, You can stay or you an leave, but you can’t stay AND leave. If you have staff that are no longer engaged and are not striving to continuously improve and learn, it will ultimately cost your company millions. Don’t take the chance of losing customers and other high-performing staff members. Call us. We have had tons of experience working with, and turning around employee engagement issues.

Coaching & Calibration Program

Front-Line staff perceiving the Call Quality (Coaching and Monitoring) Program as a negative and nit-picky experience, resulting in the continuation of inadequate call handling performance and significant resistance to feedback and unnecessary call escalations.

Call Center Leadership

Supervisors and coaches not effectively dealing personnel and performance issues including lateness, inappropriate behavior, schedule adherence and non-compliance with standards resulting in low morale, team infighting and allegations that there is favoritism.

Individual Performance

Front-Line individuals who do the bare minimum and have an unrealistic perception of their own performance and contributions to the call center organization and team, resulting in an extraordinary need for management intervention to have them “get the job done.”

Call Handling

Front-Line staff not effectively controlling the interaction on a consistent basis resulting in customer call-backs, low customer satisfactions scores and escalated customer calls.

Call Center Performance

Excessive Average Handle Times (AHT) resulting in customers waiting in the queue who then need to be defused, stressed and burned out CSRs and increased abandonment rates and/or the need for additional headcount to handle the call volume.

We have found the Critical Keys to cultivating an organization that consistently cultivates an outstanding customer experience and we want to put that experience to work for you.

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