Calibration Sessions

Go Giants! Let’s Go to the Videotape
When you hold your calibration meetings do you listen to the interaction as a team and then check-off the boxes? This is one of the most common practices and one of the most common mistakes contact center leaders make in their Call Quality Program. Listening to recorded interactions needs to be focused on the end result and how the rep got to that end result, not whether or not each behavior was performed. At Radclyffe, we have The Secret. The Secret is the answer to changing your customers’ experience. Contact us for more information about The Secret at 845-545-8821 to get results!

Facilitating Calibration Sessions is one of your most important tools when it comes your Coaching & Quality Program. At Radclyffe, we have learned the secret to effectively facilitating Management Calibration Sessions. Ours are like no others!! We get results and our Master Facilitators are ready to take your team to the next level and teach them how to facilitate effective calibration session on an ongoing basis. Here’s what our clients say:

I have learned so much during every single calibration session that will help me be a more effective coach. I love how robust these sessions are! -s mackenna
These sessions have totally changed how I coach and more importantly, how I feel about coaching and how well I am now received when I coach! Thank you, Liz -c matlock
I used to dread coaching, now I love it! Thanks, Radclyffe, for helping me ‘see the light.’ - Liz Avondale

Don’t let your management and coaching team stay “stuck” in the old way of coaching - it’s not effective and your coaching investment will not realize a return. Learn now how to get the most out of Management Calibration Sessions and see RESULTS in just two weeks!

Call us today for more information at 845-545-8821.

Don’t want to wait? Register today to attend a virtual session to experience how it is done!! Just complete the information below and use Pay Pal.
Are you Measuring the Wrong Metrics?

Are the Metrics you are Measuring Driving the Wrong Behaviors?

When you Assess an Interaction, Is the Rep Meeting all the Standards but not “Wowing” the Customer?

Then Radclyffe can help. We know exactly how to fix this. Ours years of experience and testing in many real live contact centers (small, medium and large) has provided us with the information and insight we need to ensure your coaching program works. We know the pitfalls and success factors. Contact us now for a free consultation. 845-545-8821 and ask for Liz or Valerie to set up your 30 minutes free consultation.

Struggling with Management Calibration Sessions? Take your Coaching Program to the Next Level and STOP focusing on whether or not the boxes are checked off on your monitoring forms.

Are your Management Calibration Sessions not resulting in any measurable improvement? Are your managers and coaches not even aligned on how to assess the interaction? Are they giving out mixed messages to representatives?

Our Facilitated Management Calibration Sessions are not like any others you have experienced. At Radclyffe, we have found the key to effectively facilitating Management Calibration Sessions so that within two weeks, you will see an improvement in call handling performance. What does this mean? Happier more engaged and loyal customers AND happier more positive Front-Line Staff.

If you are interested in a Radclyffe Master Facilitator conducting your Management Calibration Sessions, please feel free to contact Liz at 845-545-6621 or go to the link to register for online workshops and select the Master Facilitated Management Calibration Sessions. You can register for either Individual Sessions or Bundled Sessions in which you get your FIRST session FREE.



At ADP we always say, ‘All roads lead to Radclyffe’ because whatever we need, Radclyffe has the expertise and practical knowledge to help us. They have been a great partner for many years. As a result of working with them, our customer satisfaction scores increased significantly.”

Jill Altana

Vice President, Human Resources, ADP

“Radclyffe has developed a number of customized workshops for our core curriculum. We are simply in awe of their design ability and their facilitation skills.”

Patricia Dufort

Training and Development, Mercedes-Benz USA

“Radclyffe has taught me everything I know about contact centers. That’s why wherever I go I have brought Radclyffe into the company.”

Robin Moriates

Director of Training, Novartis Pharmaceuticals

“Radclyffe has had a tremendous impact on our contact center performance. From Strategic Interaction Skills™ to coaching to developing elearning, Radclyffe always delivers results.”

Kevin Booth

Director, US Customer Service, Becton, Dickinson & Company

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